Sunday, October 4, 2009


Been tweaking lighting all week. Think its finally working in the dining area. Still not happy with lighting in restrooms, but closer now.

We are open!!

Have been too busy to post on here recently. Yes, we are open. Opened the doors Monday. Been great, very good weekend. Response from the community has been overwhelmingly positive. We have worked through a few opening night kinks, will constantly tweak until its as close to perfection as possible. More landscaping going in. The menu is limited, but 80% complete. WIll go to a full menu by mid next week. All is very good.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Sliding table

No one on our team has done one before, so a learning curves has been tested. This is basically a 700 lb., 16 ft long i beam. After we had the tables figured out, how to slide them and lock them in, we tested with a seated person. What we found is when your knee hits the i beam because of its "T" shape at the top and bottom, in this case the bottom being the knee whacking culprit, we had a mad Russian iron worker come in and weld away the bottom "T". This gave clearance for the knees on both sides.
Please mote: Anyone over 6'8" might still whack their knees. Good thing I am not a Phoenix Suns fan. Ok, their growing on me.

Bar case filled and lit

Filled the case and lit with 3 different Roscoe filters to turn florescent light into sunset amber light. Bar rail going in right this minute, which will also keep the bar stools from hitting the glass front.

Friday, September 18, 2009

She's Kicking!

Feel so close. A very proud moment as we were testing the projector and audio this evening. Our tech Boyd did a great job, and even stuck with me as I had him move the projector back 10 ft. to get a larger image on the wall. No small feet at 35 ft off the cement floor.
Really seeing the vision become reality now. I'm playing with lighting, just waiting for filters to arrive. Hanging artwork today, will continue tomorrow. We are so close. Here is an iphone photo at might, which the iphone without a flash has a tough time pulling of, but you can get a sense of it. 8 days and counting.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Getting There

We are very close. Most inspections passed today except electrical, which will pass tomorrow with some tweaking and adding. Patio is stained and sealed. As you can see in this photo the fireplace is in. Needs to be capped in steel. The small canopy over the garage doors will be wrapped in steel. Next week the translucent blue wall will be going around the patio. The interior is very close to complete. I will take some photos next Monday when the place is really ready. Will be playing with the interior lighting this weekend and early next week. Also the exterior lighting will be complete. Lighting is extremely important and my favorite part of creating a space.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Hung that Paper!

Nice job papering the interior lower bar wall today. Glass shelving going in tomorrow, then glass front, stainless framing. Will be ready to fill with vintage mugs and period pieces.
Forgot to take photos of the prepped patio surface. Pouring cement Friday and building center fire pit that will be faced in lava rook. Will get many updates on here next Tuesday evening. Off to Santa Cruz and Monterey for a 4 day Labor Day weekend.